Matthew Painton Professional Co-Active Coach, Swansea, UK

When Lauren first started coaching me I was in a numb, dark place having just split with my life partner and hating my job. Our first sessions were like a light in the dark, a space to talk and get perspective and reconnect with my inner self, my hopes, dreams and passions. But as time went on the small light ignited and has transformed everything!

Re-connecting with that inner self has enabled me to make all kinds of positive life changes – I have re-trained, secured my dream job and am building a business from my deepest values – making a life I had all but given up on – and Lauren continues to expand my horizons and help me focus on what is most important to me now.

Our coaching sessions have helped me immeasurably, bringing about a greater awakening in my life than I would have thought possible. She has stood beside me as a powerful ally; listening, championing, challenging, supporting intuitively and accurately seeing through to the real me, enabling me to get on and become the person I wanted to be. Her compassion and non-judgemental enthusiasm have been a real, tangible resource. Every session I have had with Lauren has left me feeling energetically inspired with powerful and inspirational learning experiences that lead to positive action. I have been able to share my deepest fears and my greatest hopes and she has consistently helped me navigate a way through to remarkable, wonderful results. I can honestly and truly recommend Lauren as a formidable life coach and a powerful ally.