“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” –
Marianne Williamson

Really. Who are you not to be?

I once had to ask myself this same question.

Currently, I inspire others to make bold and courageous choices, to forego the baby steps and cartwheel right on into a new life. But before all of that – I was just where you are: entrenched in a life that looked “perfect” on the outside but felt amiss on the inside.

In one form or another, I’ve been a coach for over 25 years. From high performance sport to the performing arts and business worlds, I’ve used my knowledge and intuition to help people transform and grow into the incredible human beings they always were (but didn’t know it!).

And the thing about me is this:

I have always been very put together, organized and in charge. I have always been high achieving.

For 12 years, I was a rhythmic gymnast, competing on an international scale with the Canadian National Team.Following my athletic career, I became a Canadian National Team coach and full-time head coach at a well-known Toronto club for several years. My athletes competed at World Championships and Pan Am games, to name a few. Although I endured the toughest of times as an athlete, it was these very experiences that played a huge role in my evolution both as a person and as a coach.

A vigorous training regimen, a ruthless coach of my own, and a tainted sport belief system created the perfect storm in my athletic career. If you’ve never heard of crippling perfectionism before… now you have.

It’s what happens when you believe that success has to come at the expense of your own happiness, joy, well being, and love of self.

Because of this, I vowed to never coach others the way that I was coached.

I moved on to become the Managing Director of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts for 16 years, and as a high achieving academic director, this pattern of perfectionism reared its ugly head again.

Perhaps I was wearing the veneer of happiness, fulfillment, joy. People always told me that I looked like I had it all and everything was perfect. But inside, I was struggling.

All the while I knew, deep down, that the way I was living was not fulfilling me.

I knew that I wanted…

more purpose, fulfillment, meaning and passion. I wanted to really feel the ups and downs and to love what I was up to. I wanted to feel alive and to stop just surviving and really thrive.

clarity. You know when you want more but don’t even know where to start? That’s where I was and I knew it was up to me to figure out what the hell I wanted before I could move forward.

to learn how to set boundaries. I guess you could say I was a massive people pleaser. I knew that in order to improve my life, I had to learn how to say “no.”

self confidence. Yup. I struggled (and honestly, sometimes I still do) with those hateful little voices in my head. I wanted to learn how to tell them to keep quiet so I could really love myself and this rockin body I get to live in.

to change my career. I knew that what I was doing just wasn’t cutting it because it wasn’t my dream. I felt like if I was going to do the same thing every day, I better freakin’ love it!

someone to help me. I mean come on, look at this list! I knew I needed someone to support me along this journey and to ask me the really difficult questions to get me to that next level.

The magic really happens

when you finally reach for what you want. I sought out the support I needed in order to thrive.

During a guided visualization, I had some miraculous revelations about what was missing…

I saw myself as a 10-year old girl doing cartwheels on the sandbar near my family’s cottage in Victoria Beach, Manitoba. It was warm and sunny – a beautiful summer’s day. I could hear the waves crashing into the shoreline and the sound of my mother’s laugh just behind me (she had the most incredible laugh). Laughter was all around me. I began to cry and suddenly I became aware that I had become so caught up with being a grownup that I’d forgotten how to play. I simply craved more joy in my life.

This powerful experience led me to understand that in order to bring play and joy back into my life, I had to connect with my true passion.

Finally, I chose to make it happen and now I’m dedicated to helping others do the same as the “Cartwheel Coach,” certified through the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and International Coaching Federation (ICF).

To me, taking that big leap forward, giving it all you got and doing your best to land on your feet, is what it’s all about. This is about doing the cartwheel, taking the chance and capturing that feeling of joy when you make it happen. No one can cartwheel for you, but having a coach to support you while you go for it can make all the difference.

So stop asking yourself “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” And ask yourself…

Who am I not to be?

You only get one shot at this whole “life” thing and I’m here to lovingly remind you that it’s time to wake up and make the life you want a reality.