Appreciate all the help, support, discovery, direction and free flowing thought processing you have given over the last 5 months. I never would have made the leap as gracefully or seamlessly as I did. I would have sucked at it at first… cried, changed my mind maybe… I would have pulled through eventually, but this has been worth every penny of the journey. Got here fast and well, and in […]

Christine Gairdner Interior Designer, Schomberg, ON

I’ve worked my way through many life and career coaches the last few years but no one has challenged me, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, or has made me face my fears to the degree that Lauren has.. And yet she does this with such love, patience and compassion. She has lifted me out of the numbness I was unconsciously feeling and has empowered me to unapologetically become […]

Janet L. Castillo Dance Visionary and Host of Dance Breakdown ...

When Lauren first started coaching me I was in a numb, dark place having just split with my life partner and hating my job. Our first sessions were like a light in the dark, a space to talk and get perspective and reconnect with my inner self, my hopes, dreams and passions. But as time went on the small light ignited and has transformed everything! Re-connecting with that inner self […]

Matthew Painton Professional Co-Active Coach, Swansea, UK

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had working with Lauren! I was at a turning point in my career and needed to dig deep into myself to uncover a greater sense of confidence and a more focused approach to where I was headed. Lauren offered passionate, insightful, challenging exercises and discussions that both broadened my outlook, and gave me the self-assurance to move forward and find the […]

Amy Warren Marketing Executive, Toronto, ON

Lauren taps into the power of active listening like no one I’ve ever worked with. She had me re-evaluating life choices (ultimately making me unhappy) that I had never considered before. Lauren is a listener, a leader and one hell of a reality check. A gift to anyone looking to shift their life into high gear!

Cara Volchoff TV Producer, Toronto, ON

I hired Lauren to coach me while pursuing my CTI coach certification training. Lauren’s impact was immediately felt. She listened, asked just the “right” questions and offered challenges that allowed me to discover aspects of myself that I had not known. She was able to pull back the curtain of my saboteurs and stand with me as we revealed the sources; something that I was neither able to, nor willing […]

Cassel Miles Professional Co-Active Coach, Kingston, ON

Having Lauren as my coach changed my life. I overcame personal barriers and pushed past my comfort zones to find my forgotten magic. During my year with Lauren I achieved 100% of my long list of personal & business goals. She was the accountability partner that I needed to be able to tick off each of my completed goals and move closer to the life of my dreams.

Rita Pereira Salon Owner – The Pantyhose Barber, Toronto, ON

I wish to acknowledge how much I have gained from working with Lauren. On our opening session, the comfort given to allow me to lay out my struggles and small wishes was eased by her softness and humility. Lauren not only listened intently but is a forecaster and has a great knack of moving you out of storms or hurdles and igniting fire deep within. I have blossomed and grown […]

Kathy-Ann Walker Freelance Makeup Artist, Toronto, ON

It was such a pleasure to have worked with Lauren over the last six months.  Each and every time we spoke I gained a new insight into my own behaviour and how to change in order to facilitate better results.  Her personal take on our discussions were invaluable. Twenty years of therapy never accomplished as much in so short a time. It was a most productive experience.  Thank you!

Aviva G Toronto, ON