Things I Love: Guided Meditation

meditationOften during the coach-client relationship the conversation starts to point at ways to combat the worries and stresses of everyday life.  When I bring up the idea of meditation and they don’t already have a meditation practice, invariably I get this response “I can’t meditate!” or “I suck at that; my brain keeps wandering off.”  Yup, I get it.  That used to be me too.

Years ago, I made numerous feeble attempts to meditate.  I kept telling myself that I was horrible at it because my mind kept wandering and my back hurt so much when I sat for any length of time.  And then someone said to me “Yes, that’s what the human mind does.  It wanders. Your job is to notice that it’s over there thinking about x-y-z, and bring it back to the present and your breath. And then keep noticing it. Bring it back. Rinse…repeat. That’s all.”  Oh. That’s all?  That changed everything for me.  And what REALLY changed for me was when I stumbled upon guided meditations.  It seems effortless when I do guided meditations.  I also let go of the “rule” about sitting during meditation. Honestly it was the major thing that held me back from adopting a mediation practice.  I now meditate lying down and it’s AWESOME. I love jumping on a free 21 day meditation challenge.   I’ve downloaded apps on my phone and each day I pick one and spend 15-20 minutes in solitude as a way to ground myself and get ready for the day.  I am more centred, it decreases any anxiety or stress I may have and I feel more present and available to what is happening in the “now”.

What’s the point? Why meditate? Check out this great article. Click here.

Deepak and Oprah have a new Free 21 Day Meditation Challenge starting on July 13, 2015 called “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude”. What a great way to start a mediation practice with the added benefit of learning to integrate gratitude into your day.  Let’s do it together!  Click here to sign up. Tell me how it’s going by jumping over to my Facebook page.

Meditation Apps to check out:

Sattva – Free (with premium upgrades)

Calm – Free (with premium upgrades)

Headspace – Free (with premium upgrades)

Deva Premal and Miten – App comes at a fee

The Mindfulness App – App comes at a fee

Buddhify – App comes at a fee