Do you keep on moving forward the way things are…
the hum drum, dull, daily grind?
Do you make a change?You have a choice. In fact, life is all about choices. You choose who you interact with and how you interact with them. You choose how you spend your days. You choose whether to hold a grudge or let it go. You choose.

so, what are you choosing?
who do you want to be?

If you’re ready to enhance your life and create an experience that you love, let’s do this. I’m currently working with clients in three different ways.

the choice is yours

Lauren Brett Randolph

Revolution Sessions

You’re ready for a big change. You just need the one-on-one support to go with it. That’s exactly what the Revolution Sessions are for. You’ll get all of the guidance and strategy you want to tackle the transformation you need. A whole new life awaits you.
Let’s begin

Lauren Brett Randolph Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

You’re a leader. A game changer. A professional powerhouse. But you know – you could do even better. You want: higher productivity, happier team members, and greater business results. I’m certified to help you with just that.
Lead now

Lauren Workshops small


A revolution for your company or community. My workshops are designed to help you become healthier, happier, and all around more productive in any passion you pursue. From professional leadership to the arts, you can improve your performance with these teachable techniques.
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